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End Game Con October

Today is roughly the one year anniversary of my first attendance of an End Game convention.  I continue to attend these things because regardless of what happens, I have yet to have a really bad experience at these.  Or even a marginally bad one.

(The closest was my Buffy game at GO Con - the one that had no sign-ups, which surprises me.)

This time, I chose to run in the afternoon rather than the morning, but just like last year, I only got about 90 minutes of sleep before the Con.  Stupid weird sleep schedule.

So - let's see:
First game was otherdarkmeat's Scion game.  This one was based on the Warriors (which was loosely based on a Greek Epic.)  Of the six people at the table, only he and I had seen the movie, so I was the only one who got some of the jokes, and also the one who got the weird looks after telling a Baseball Fury (in this case, one of the mythological furies in a baseball uniform) that I was going to "ram that baseball bat up [her] cooch and turn [her] into a popsicle." .  (The original line, said by the character Ajax (which was the name of the character I played), was "I'm going to shove that baseball bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle.")

Like at ConQuest, the Scion game was fun - Mike's comfort in the use of mythology in a modern context really does help, and not to put pressure on him, but if he's running Scion at future conventions (which I've been led to believe is a definite thing) give it a try.

Second game was my "Seven Leagues" game, meaning that now I've run all the Fairy Tale games except "Zorcerer of Zo."  (But don't worry, chadu, I fully intend on running ZoZ in the near future at a Con.)   I have this trend in the past year to run games I'm totally unfamiliar with the actual running style of at Conventions - mostly indie games.  Actually, it started at KublaCon 2006, when I ran "Shadowrun 4E" after only playing it once.  Then at EndGame October 2006, I ran Cat, which I had never run before but had read a couple of times.  I believe April Endgame 07 I ran BESM 3, then at KublaCon 07 it was "Fairy's Tale," at ConQuest 07 it was "Wild Talents," and at this game it was "Seven Leagues."

I had another sleep deprivation inspired NPC moment that seemed to entertain some players.  (In the KC game of Cat that I ran, the group encountered a colony of rats that had become communist revolutionaries.)  This time, it was a furrier in the Goblin Market who yelled everything he said. 

Seven Leagues went well, I got it out of my system, and it gave me some ideas for the future.  I'm not sure if I'll run it again - maybe in private games, but probably not at a Convention.  I just needed to see it in action - it's a good game system, but it needs a small group.  (I had six players, which made some scenes difficult to narrate in the long run.)

After that, I played in a game of "Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries." 

Never mind the crappy title, or the awful cover art.  This game is actually really fun.

It's GM-less, or at least it can be.  It uses a timer to keep the tension up, and has some neat rules so that even if you are min-maxing, you actually do have to pay for that.  I won't get into much detail except to say that it successfully addresses many of my concerns with so-called "Story Games."

1)  The set-up leaves plenty of room for the player to be surprised.
2)  It also has just as much time spent on immersive role-playing as it does in setting up the story.

The mechanics are simple and logical, and it also has what I like about Dogs in the Vineyard (the progressive resolution system), without the antagonistic set-up that Dogs seems to be situated with.  (Basically, the difficulty of each challenge stays the same - it's the player who needs to manipulate their way around difficult tasks.)  Overall, I'd have to say it was really fun, and I'm glad to have played it.

My only purchases this Con was picking up a copy of "Shock:" (spelled with the colon), and the "Passport" version of "Savage Worlds" (since, hey, it's only $10.)

Overall, it was a really fun con for me. 

And the last one of the year.  Time to refresh.

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